Wine & Olive oil tasting room - UlikaRovinj

Welcome to our new corner for tasting of Istrian wines and olive oils.

The renowned Istrian winemakers are located all over Istria.

If you want to visit more of them and taste their wines, you will have to drive hundreds of kilometers, from Rovinj to Krunčići, up to Momjan, Motovun, Kaldira or Umag.

And yes, somebody has to drive.

In our tasting corner you can taste the wines of Istrian winemakers without driving away.
Experience Matošević, Benvenuti, Tomaz, Coronica, Clai and other great Istrian winemakers directly here.

How much do you know Istrian / Croatian wines?

In Istria we have several typical grapes that you will not often find in the rest of the world.

The most typical white variety is Istrian Malvazija, while the two most famous red varieties are Istrian Teran and Borgonja.

In addition to them, Chardonnay, all Pinots, both Cabernet, Muskat, Merlot and other varieties are very successful in Istria.

Get to know our wines in our place.

Istrian Olive Oils

Along with the winemakers you can get to know the best Istrian olive producers and of course taste their oils.

You are welcome to our new tasting room for tasting of Istrian wines and olive oils. We organize tastings for individual guests every day as well as for groups.