House Rules - UlikaRovinj

For this “special 2020.” year we revised the house rules in accordance with COVID 19 instructions issued by the competent institutions. Upon arrival at the campsite you will be informed of the news.

Dear guests, It is our pleasure to welcome You and wish You a pleasant stay in our campsite.

Forget the routine and all the hard work and enjoy yourself in all the beauty of Ulika and Rovinj. We are here to help You and answer to all of Your questions to make Your holiday pleasant. We ask You kindly for a little comprehension, and would like to give You some information to avoid eventual incomprehension during Your stay in the campsite.


CHOICE OF THE PLACE The plots are offered by the camp employees, according to your wishes. The choice of the place depends on the reserved ones. We reserve the right of intervention and relocation. REGISTRATION For the check-in it is necessary to submit a valid document, identity card or passport, for each person, including children. THE DAILY VISITORS All the daily visitors must leave the document at the reception during the visit, which will be returned upon departure. Visitors can stay in the camp till 22:00. Visits longer than 3 hours will be charged 50,00 kn per person. Visitors cannot enter the camp with vehicles. Visits are forbidden from 14:00 till 18:00. Visitors that will not obey the above rules (not check in on the reception) will be charged 700,00 kn of penalty. SETTLING ACCOUNT AND CHECKING OUT The plot (site) must be vacated no later than 12:00 (Mobile home and trailer till 10:00). If Your plot (site) is not vacated by 12:00 (10:00), we will have to add one more day to Your account and charge You accordingly. You can settle Your account from 7:00 till 22:00. In order to avoid possible delays, we recommend You to do it the day before leaving.


TIME FOR RELAX From 23:00 till 08:00 and from 14:00 till 18:00 we ask You for complete silence. It is forbidden to use televisions and radios. During this hours parents have to control their children in the way to avoid any problem with other guests. CHILDREN The direction doesn’t respond for damages on things or injury of person in the swimming pool or on the playground. Children should be accompanied by parents. CLEANLINESS Please keep Your space clean. The waste water mustn’t be left on the ground, but kept in containers and thrown in the chemical toilet, which is by the sanitary facilities. Leave the facilities you have used as you want to find them. The garbage container is located by the entrance of the camping. TRAFFIC IN THE CAMPSITE The top speed is 20 km/h. Pedone have the priority. From 24:00 till 07:00 traffic is forbidden in the campsite. If you return in the camp after 24:00 you have to leave the car outside the campsite. Main entrance is opened from 7:00 to 23:00. The doorway will be opened only for emergency cases. PUBLIC AREA You have to respect the common installation. If You find a damage, please report it to the reception..


SETTING – UP THE TENT AND AWNING Setting-up the tent and awning is permitted from 08:00 till 23:00. Please do not dig the ground on your plot, if that’s necessary you must return it in the original condition. It is not allowed to enclose Your place. ELECTRICITY 220V – max. 6A For connecting or disconnecting Your cable to/from the hook-up point, please come to the reception and an authorized person will help You. It is in Your and other guest’s best interest not to attempt to do it on Your own. PETS We ask kindly the dog owners to hold them on a leash and take them regularly out of the campsite according to their needs. The camp staff kindly asks that dogs do not disturb the neighbors, who do not have to be animal lovers. Do not leave the dogs alone in the camp. FIRE It is prohibited by law to set fire. For grilling ask on the reception.


As the swimming pool is part of our RELAX zone designed for relax of our guests, we have set fairly rigorous behaving rules and it is PROHIBITED:

  • jumping, splashing and bending
  • bringing in balls, beach mattresses, toys, masks and perches and other similar props
  • bringing your own food and glass bottles or glasses