House rules UlikaRovinj

Dear guests, it is our pleasure to welcome you and wish you a pleasant stay in our campsite.

Although this season will be “special” we will do our best to satisfy all your wishes to make your vacation pleasant and interesting but also safe.

Please respect the new rules, especially those issued by the relevant National Health Institution.


see the house rules...

CHOICE OF THE PLACE The plots are offered by the camp employees, according to your wishes. The choice of the place depends on the reserved ones. We reserve the right of intervention and relocation. On the day of arrival, the pitch is available to the guest from 12:00

REGISTRATION, SETTLING ACCOUNT AND CHECKING OUT For the check-in it is necessary to submit a valid document, identity card or passport, for each person, including children. The plot (site) must be vacated no later than 12:00.If Your plot (site) is not vacated by 12:00  we will have to add one more day to Your account and charge You accordingly. You can settle Your account at the reception from 08:00. In order to avoid possible delays, we recommend You to do it the day before leaving.

SETTING – UP THE TENT AND AWNING Setting-up the tent and awning is permitted from 08:00 till 23:00.  Please do not  dig the ground on your plot, if that’s necessary you must return  it in the original condition. It is not allowed to enclose Your place. We kindly ask you to respect and do not damage the vegetation in the camp.

ELECTRICITY 220V – max. 6A For connecting or disconnecting Your cable to/from the hook-up point, please come to the reception and an authorized person will help You. It is in Your and other guest’s best interest not to attempt to do it on Your own.

TIME FOR RELAX From 23:00 till 08:00 and from 14:00 till 18:00 we ask You for silence. It is forbidden to use televisions and radios. During this hours parents have to control their children in the way to avoid any problem.

CHILDREN Our camp is mostly oriented to couples who like to relax and peace and as such is not interesting for children. Given the many rules like banning running and playing on the main street, strict rules of conduct at the pool etc. we want you to be informed in advance because the least we want is to disappoint your children. The direction doesn’t respond for damages on things or injury of person in the swimming pool or on the playground. Children should be accompanied by parents.

CLEANLINESS Due to the current situation with COVID 19, we kindly ask you to pay even more attention to the hygiene and cleanliness of the camp and especially the sanitary facilities. For the maximum safety of you guests and our staff, please follow the recommendations of the competent institutions, especially the mandatory distance of 1.5 m and hand disinfection before entering any enclosed room in the camp.

Collect the waste water from the trailer in a container and do not let it drain into the ground, but pour it into the chemical toilet located behind the toilets.

Leave used spaces the way you would like to find them. A recycling point is located at the entrance to the camp.

PETS We ask kindly the dog owners to hold them on a leash and take them regularly out of the campsite according to their needs. The camp staff kindly asks that dogs do not disturb the neighbors, who do not have to be animal lovers. Do not leave the dogs alone in the camp. For an unregistered pet, the fine is 700.00 Kn.

TRAFFIC IN THE CAMPSITE The top speed is  20 km/h. Pedone have the priority. From 24:00 till 07:00 traffic is forbidden in the campsite. If you return in the camp after 24:00 you have to leave the car outside the campsite. Main entrance is opened from 7:00 to 24:00. The doorway will be opened only for emergency cases.

LOST AND FOUND THINGS For the lost things ask at the reception. If You find something, please, bring it to the reception.

CAR WASHING Washing the car in the campsite  is not allowed. FIRE It is prohibited by law to set fire. For grilling ask on the reception. PUBLIC AREA You have to respect the common installation. If You find a damage, please report it to the reception.

THE DAILY VISITORS Due to the COVID 19 situation, visits by persons who are not guests of our camp are CURRENTLY NOT ALLOWED. Unregistered visitors will be charged a fine of 700.00 kn.


see the house rules...

ARRIVAL/DEPARTURE On the arrival day You can enter the mobile home from 15:00 h.On the departure day you must leave the mobile home till 10:00 h. Your remaining in the mobile home after 10:00 is considered as additional night.

CHECK IN/ CHECK OUT For the check-in it is necessary to present a valid document, identity card or passport, for each person, including children. To avoid crowds at the reception due to the COVID 19 situation, please settle the bill at least 1 day before departure if possible. On the departure day we check the mobile home. In the event of damage or missing stuff from the inventory list a fee will be charged

TRAFFIC The maximum speed of vehicles in the campsite is 20 kmH and is strictly forbidden from 24:00h till 07:00h. If you return to camp after 24:00h, you must leave the vehicle outside the camp.

For each accomodation unit you get a card/remote for the entrance and exit from the camping. This card/remote must be returned at the check-out. In case of missing card/remote a fee of 30,00 eur will be charged.

REST TIME You are kindly asked to respect peace and quiet during the night from 24:00 h till 08:00 h and during the day from 14:00 h till 18:00 h.

PETS Pets are allowed in PET FRIENDLY accommodation units with fenced garden (BB09 and BB10) and strictly prohibited in other BB accommodation units (BB01 – BB08).In the “Comfort” accommodation units pets are allowed on request and we ask owners to keep their pets tied. All owners are kindly requested to take their pets out of the camp regularly to perform urination. Camp staff kindly pray that dogs do not disturb neighbors who do not have to be animal lovers.

CLEANING MOBILE HOMES Due to the COVID 19 situation, we are NOT allowed to provide a daily cleaning service for mobile homes.

  • GARBAGE – You are obliged to empty the rubbish bin yourself. The garbage container in which you will store the tied bag is located at the very entrance to the camp.
  • BED LINEN – Bed linen is changed every 7th day of stay. You are obliged to remove the bedding from the bed yourself and put it in the BLUE bag that you will find in the closet. You will put it next to the mobile home no later than 12:00 and the maid will deliver new bedding that you will change yourself. ***
  • TOWELS – Towels are changed every 3rd day of stay. You are required to put the towels in a WHITE bag that you will find in the closet. You will put it next to the mobile home no later than 12:00 and the maid will deliver a new set of towels to the terrace. ***
  • TOILET PAPER • SHAMPOOS, COFFEE CAPSULES (BB mobile homes) – Contact the reception staff to refill them.

*** If you need to change towels, bed linen or bags more often, please contact the reception

EQUIPMENT, APPLIANCES AND INVENTORY You are obliged to use the equipment, appliances and inventory in the mobile home as a good host and leave it in its original condition on departure. You are obliged to report any malfunctions and damages immediately at the reception. Inventory and devices may only be used inside the mobile home and in the associated outdoor area. Due to the COVID 19 situation, it is STRICTLY forbidden to take inventory (towels, blankets, glasses, etc.) to the pool or the beach.

SMOKING Smoking is strictly forbidden inside mobile homes. Smoking is allowed on the terraces and in the associated outdoor area.

AIR CONDITION Due to the COVID 19 situation, minimal use of air conditioning is recommended. It is strictly forbidden to use air conditioning if the doors and windows of the accommodation unit are open or when you are not staying in a mobile home.

BREAKFAST Breakfast in BB (bed & breakfast) is included in the price and it is delivered directly in the mobile home. Please arrange at the reception desk the time you want your picnic basket to be delivered. It is desirable that guests who have a special diet (gluten free, allergy,…) announce the same in advance.

VISITORS AND NON REGISTERED GUESTS Guests who are not registered as guests in the “Camp Ulika” facility are not allowed to enter the campsite.

Due to the COVID 19 situation, visits by persons who are not guests of the camp are NOT ALLOWED.



„Camping Ulika“ is not responsible for valuable items left in the mobile home.

In exceptional circumstances, „Camping Ulika“ has the right to enter in the mobile home even if the guests are not in, if we think is’s necessery to enter to avoid eventual damages, or in case we think there are violations of house rules. The guest will be informed of the time and reason of such an entering in the mobile home.



  • ISTRIAN COUNTY Epidemiologist on standby +385/995294455
  • ZZJZ Istarska županija + 385/98441821
  • Information at our reception +385/52 817 320


Thank You for Your understanding.

We wish You a pleasant stay!